Mothering in the Mundane

Have you ever had the urge to open Pinterest in your browser, and search for a fun activity as a parent?  Only to open up something that catches your eye, see a blog full of activities from another mother, and then proceed to feel completely inept as a mom?
Yeah, I find that if I search through Pinterest, I am continually overwhelmed with the feeling that I should be doing more fun activities.  How do these moms plan these ideas, execute them, take excellent pictures, and all the while have a clean house in the background! It’s amazing. 
I am not that mom.  I am not condemning that mom at all, but I’m not her.  I don’t feel guilty about that.
While I am crafty, I love to sew, I love to do all kinds of things with the kids, we do not have these elaborate fun things every day.  The days that we do have them, my house is not pristine in the background.  It’s just not in my abilities I suppose.
So, I began to wonder about the memories that stand out most to me.  Do kids really care if I fill them full of these planned and creative activities. Will that be their childhood memories.  What will stand out?
When I was little, we lived in this apartment.  My mom would sit at the kitchen table and color with me.  I loved to color, and I always thought hers were a work of art.  She would let me crawl into her bed, and read me the Bible.  It was a simple thing, but it stands out in my mind.  Oh and Candy Land, she would play Candy Land with me over and over again.  In the chaos of my childhood, I find those memories full of peace and love.
Is that what our kids want?  Peace filled memories, those moments full of love, and what would that entail? 
The mundane moments!  Mothering in the mundane is when your true self will come out.  I sat in the floor with my kids for an hour a few days ago, just rolling the ball.  The baby would sit in my lap, and we would roll it to one of the bigger kids.  They had a blast chasing it.  We counted and practiced talking (because all play is learning right), and just rolled a ball. 
In the evenings, I pull out books, and I read to the kids.  I read to the kid who can read fairly anything himself.  We read everything.  It’s time spent opening our minds to the worlds upon pages of excitement and adventure.  We take adventures together….will he remember? 
We have a big chest full of board games, and we have game time.  Anna is the uno champion, she never lets anyone else win.  I don’t know how she does it. 
I watch them play outside, and they bring me a million weeds (ahem flowers).  They show me their skills, we might play a game of baseball, or I might teach them to do cartwheels (yeah it’s a wee bit more painful in my thirties than it was as a kid). 
We sit at the table and eat with our kids.  I cook for them, and they watch or help.  We clean together, care for the animals together, and they get my time. 
I think the mundane moments are the moments most full of time well spent.  I believe that when you are just being, you are making the most powerful memories.  We live a legacy for our kids, I’m not very good at daily pinterest awesomeness.  I am good at giving time, at making the moments count.  I hope that my mothering and your mothering in the mundane moments are received by our kids as the moments my mom was…a mom!
What do you remember about your mom as a child?  I bet it wasn’t daily inadequacy due to her not providing you endless creative activities to fill your day.  I bet it was her mom-ness.

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