Dating..of the "up" kind

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Well folks we are in our busiest time of year, it’s summer time around here, even though summer hasn’t technically begun.  The grass is growing faster than we can keep up with, it does this every year, I’m kind of threatening it right now as I can visibly see it growing by the second…not fair I tell ya.

The goats need us.  It’s quite a bit more chaos this year, we doubled our herd since Sierra had twins.  Lily and Meat are growing…yes there will be pictures.  Blizzard has become an addict, and we’ve put her in rehab.  Poor thing, she refuses to wean, just refuses, so now she’s been separated.  Every time we let her loose, she runs over to try and nurse, and it’s all, “come on ya big teenager goat, you’re almost as big as your mom, give it up!”

I registered Andy for summer camp this year.  It cost me ten dollars for a week of over night camp…win!  Being the biggest kid, he’s kind of singled out here.  Anna and Tanner have not only each other, but they function at the same level as Grace, so the two babies and them are besties.  It will be good for Andy to have a little time away.

The kids are having a blast at Cowboy Up for Christ.  I am having a blast as well.  I know that no one wanted to volunteer to run the fishing program, but we are loving it.  I feel like we are winners (touching worms aside), because we get to chat it up with the kids every week.  They are awesome…especially when we played the “how old is John” game 🙂  None of them can believe that Anna is going to be 11 soon, but I’ve tried to convince them that it’s true.

So, five kids, six goats, 22 hens, 11 acres to upkeep…oh yeah! It’s gardening time.  That is the time of year when we attempt to grow this big garden full of awesomeness, but seemingly fail at one or two (ahem…or all) vegetables. John planted three peach trees, two pear trees, three more apple trees, an apricot tree, and a plum tree this year as well.  The strawberries are looking promising, I think I could survive off of strawberries alone, you know…if they were in season all year at my house, because if I had to buy them at the grocery I wouldn’t be able to afford them.

On the adoption front, we have had news of Glory’s diagnosis.  She was originally said to have hydrocephalus, but we have learned that she has a chronic brain bleed and cerebral atrophy.  This is a much more severe diagnosis, and the agency is attempting to expedite the case.  I’ll do a separate post on that tomorrow.

I do love this season.  The birds chirping, windows open….KIDS OUTSIDE!!!!!

I’m sorry can you see my excitement! I love kids being outside, we go out for hours each day, and while some of them (and myself) love it, some are still trying to get used to it….five years later.

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