Inspired by Glory

 photo inspirational-quotes-wallpaper-computer-i4_zpsgisszcvx.jpg

Six months ago, there was this little girl in Africa.  She was considered a toddler by age, yet she could not sit up alone.  She could not physically hold her head up.  She is an orphan (but only for a little while longer), and she has hydrocephalus.  There is fluid around her brain that is not absorbed/drained properly by her body.

She needs surgery. 

This little girl was thought to be without hope.  Many couples were informed of her plight, yet the thought of  a toddler who could not hold her head up, was not something they wanted to undertake. 

She’s not just any little girl though!  She’s going to be our little girl, and she can not only sit up on her own…but…..

She is STANDING!!!! Yes, we received an update this week, and in two different pictures, Miss Glory is standing!!!! No, she has not had her surgery yet, she’s just amazing!

 photo Glory5_zpswsqrnebb.jpg

Yes, I do think she is pretty amazing, and I can just see her running around here being a ballerina with her sisters.  What an amazing spirit she has to be so self motivating, to be able to physically overcome her barriers as she is.  I can’t wait to smooch on this baby girl!

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