News! Updates! A Special Pic!

 photo FreeFlowerBoqueVectorGraphic_zpsgnumjtzv.jpg
Our adoption is going along as well as can be hoped for.  It’s hard to believe that just over three weeks ago, I was told about this beautiful little girl in Africa.  We are currently wrapping up our home study update, and I have almost all of my dossier prepped and ready for the apostille seal.  Unfortunately, it cannot be completed until after we have our USCIS appointment, fingerprints, etc.  So, who knows how long that will take.
Please pray that it will be expedient.  My heart is aching to bring this little sweetheart home, hold her in my arms, and just be alert to her health. 
Glory has hydrocephalus.  Usually when babies are born with this “fluid on the brain”  they are whisked into surgery early on for a shunt that would redirect the fluid.  She hasn’t had her surgery yet…..I’m so nervous for her to have it.  I know that there is a risk of infection or malfunction after the surgery, and I just feel like she needs her momma there to watch over her.
Thankfully, she has the best Protector watching over her.  He is better than I am. 
She is also diagnosed with global developmental delay, but let me tell you, she is a determined little peanut.  We were told that last October she couldn’t sit up by herself……..well…..
Just take a look at this little bit of awesomeness!
   photo 2fb56586-8073-41f5-a4b6-dce51c3282eb_zpsngmqpnkk.jpg
That’s right!  Not only is she sitting up on her own, but she’s pulling herself up into a standing position!!!! That is big, especially without having had the surgery she needs yet.  She’s determined.  My heart melts. Look at that little person.  I can’t wait to have her home.
I have set up a Facebook page (HERE) for updates, fundraising, etc.  Please go and join, get in on the know, and see another cute picture of our baby girl!

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