One For Us!

 photo e0af56dc-4621-4358-a485-d1d0e405e614_zpsdjvjakvb.jpg Sometimes God speaks very clearly.  We felt like we should keep ourselves open to adopting two children, however, we came across our girl first.  In her country, you can only adopt two children if they are siblings or in the same orphanage.  So we told the agency we would be open to adopting another child with special needs from the same orphanage as Glory (that’s what we’re naming her, but we will be keeping her African name as well). 
It took a little time to get everything sorted, but we found out today that there are no children within our parameters at the same orphanage.  That is a good thing! It means God is calling us to only adopt one child this time, and hey 3 girls and 3 boys in the house….that’s pretty awesome. 
It also means that there are people out there adopting kids with special needs! Big whoop whoop here! We were open to pretty severe special needs as well, so this means that the kids who used to be overlooked are now being given a home and valued!   It really is pretty fantastic news. 
So while we could finish our dossier, and then wait for a second referral, we have decided to proceed and adopt only Glory.  We do not want her to have to wait at the orphanage any longer than she has to.  It is a blessing to be able to adopt her and have her join our family.  I am one happy Momma!.

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