Pranking Your Kids

Warning: Reading this post will make you want to prank your children….or you will hate us for our sense of humor…either way, read at your own risk!
Before my surgery on Thursday, we had the most beautiful weather, much needed sunshine.  We decided to celebrate the commercial part of Easter on Wednesday.  John wasn’t working that day, and I’m not a fan of detracting from the true celebration of the sacrifice on the cross. 
I do like to have fun and let my kids have fun though. 
Before Wednesday, I had bought some face paints.  It sounded like fun, my kids love it, so why not.  Andy wanted to be a cat, the rest of them didn’t care. 
Let me be real honest with you here.  If you draw eyebrows and facial hair on your 14 month old, you are going to have a great day.  Seriously, you can’t frown on a day where your little guy looks like a grumpy old man.
I filled a bunch of eggs with bunny grahams, raisins, and almonds….yes I’m that mom that doesn’t do a bunch of candy.  The kids loved it.  Grace was competitive this year.  She ran all over the yard in excitement.
Zeke wasn’t so competitive, but he enjoyed it none the less.  Next year, I foresee the seven kids in the yard in an all out eggstravaganza 🙂
We did an easier find in the front yard for Zeke, Tanner, Grace, and Anna.  However, in the back yard, John hid eggs for Andy.  We had too much fun with that one.  Andy was running through the place searching for eggs, eating the goodies, and then he found THE EGG.
THE EGG was found under the swing set.  It was heavy.  The boy was excited as he picked it up, anticipating something amazing inside………
He opened it.
“Ohhhh stew, uggggghhhh!” 
This is seriously a laugh out loud moment people, John had filled one egg full of deer stew.  When opened, you pretty much got a handful of mushy brown mess.
We died with laughter.  Hey, Andy thought it was funny to, and he was happy, he gave his kitty an Easter egg full of stew.  It was a win/win situation.

In this house we try to keep a good healthy sense of humor.  It’s needed.  I hope that my kids grow up and find the humor in life, I believe that humor is a direct gift from God. 


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