A Letter to the Human Race

Dear People,

My heart is heavy this evening.  I sit here in the perfectly controlled climate of my comfortable home, four of the five wonderful gifts sleeping soundly, wondering around in my mind, wrestling with how to approach life with so much sadness in the world.  How does one comprehend the magnitude of what is going on around them, and the presumed ignorance of those who do not seem to even see it?

In the past month we have seen media stories of multiple beheadings by a massive group of people who are set to abolish all those who are not their brand of muslim.  They are a real threat to all who stand for God, they are a danger that appears to be ignored by the West.  My heart is mourning for the mother hiding in her home in Syria, her babies under her, gunfire and madmen all around.  She doesn’t know if she will ever see her children run in the sunshine, nor if her husband’s life will end tragically on this day in the most gruesome manor.

My heart mourns for the mother in Liberia watching her children sick with ebola, as she herself is weak, all are hungry.  Clean water is sparse, and there is nothing to wash the sick from her mouth.  The stench in her home is overwhelming, and the hope for healing is far from reach.  The flies have made their home in her skin, only to increase her discomfort.  Only sickness and suffering surround her, and outside, the turmoil marches on of rebels fighting those who came to help. 

In Ukraine there is an orphan laying in a cold bed.  With fighting between Russian and Ukraine, the oil is coveted, most assuredly it is not “wasted” on the sick and cold orphan.  Who will hold this one, who will love this small creature, no one.  This small one will lay there in the solitude of their own mind, neglected, cold, suffering.  Alone. 

In China a mother has just dropped her sweet baby girl into a drawer.  The mother has no money, her arms are weak from the guilt of abandonment.  Her baby girl is one of thousands in the area, thousands who do not know their mothers.  She will grow up, and at age fourteen she will be turned out onto the streets.  It is at this time that the little girl will be picked up by an even greater evil.  Made a slave, used for all kinds of evil pleasures, cast aside.  She will be battered, alone, and lost in a world of cruel intentions.

In Chicago a mother huddles around her little boy.  Only three years old, she covers him with her big dirty coat, holds him close, and weeps over his little dirty head.  The cardboard box they are staying in is a sad excuse for shelter, but there was no room anywhere, so here they are in the dangerous and damp alley.  Left alone to fend for themselves, she sheds tears of fear for not knowing what will happen tomorrow, nor how to keep her little one safe.  No family to care for her, she is all alone to hold her dear sweet boy close.

A little boy, only 9 years old sits in his room.  He saw his mom for 15 minutes before he left for school.  He went to soccer practice, ate McDonald’s in the backseat on his way home.  Now in his room, he sits in front of the television, game controller in hand.  He is lost in a world of fantasy violence, completely overcome by the action, desensitized by all that his mind cannot comprehend at such a young age.  Two hours later his mother will come in and tell him goodnight, day in and day out, this will be his life.  He is alone, influenced by his peers and his media.  Until he is grown and this becomes boring, life becomes boring, and he needs more to stimulate him.  More action.  More thrill. 

All over America there are women and men standing in lines to scoop up the newest Iphone.  Their hands are clamoring with excitement as they sign their names to the payment plan dotted line.  They fall into the world of cyber space, a place where they hear of the suffering, but it isn’t tangible, it isn’t real.  For they have so much information at their fingertips, one story melds into the next, and they only have to scroll down to bypass the momentary feelings of sadness, onto the next snarky meme.  They are disconnected from life, from the true world that is crumbling around them, wrapped up in pseudo feelings of importance.  They are all alone in their world of 15,000 “friends” and pacified enough by the latest app not to care.

This world is slipping, and no one seems to notice for more than few seconds.  There are still people working tirelessly to help the suffering, but they are becoming an endangered species.  Endangered and being phased out by the disconnected “plugged in” future.  Dear human race, please wake up, please unplug, please open your hearts and jump back into life.  A lot is happening.  We have high abortion rates, a push to not only accept suicide but hail those “brave” enough to choose it, mass shootings, young people walking down the street punching random strangers in the head for sport, more and more news of the most horrific murders and sexual deviance. 

Life is precious and it’s being attacked.  People are suffering, people are acting out in the most evil ways, but most alarming is that, people are ignoring it. 

We cannot ignore these present problems dear humans, for if we do, our race may not exist tomorrow.

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