Dream Come True!

I like to post what I’ve sewn over the weekend for my first of the week post, but something else happened this weekend that was UH-MAZING!!!!

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You see, God has been working on my husband over the last five years. I’ve said before that John was against organized religion, and said that if we ever had kids I would not be “brainwashing” them. I loved him and married him anyway though. Aside from his religious beliefs, John was the most wonderful man.

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I never pushed him or nagged him, but I did pray for him. We had our rough times, a few years of make it or break it marriage turmoil, but in the end we actually survived. Not only that, but God moved our lives in a complete 180 direction from the way we had planned it.

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  He sent us to Ukraine.

We own property in another part of our state, we had planned to build a home there. However, after having Anna and Tanner home for a year, we had an inkling to look around.  We knew that we could not build a home very quickly.

It was kind of an “oh my gosh we need more space with all of this chaos” moment. Then the following weekend this home just happened to come on the market. This home in a county I NEVER would have moved to, just happened to be marked down around $100,000 for quick sale. This home just appeared out of nowhere, and we just happened to find it, and it just happened to be exactly what my husband needed to finally find peace.

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We were transplanted. Thankfully we found a church that appealed to John, and over the last three years, God has been moving around in our house. We had a breaking point with one of our kids, they have been struggling so much, we needed God in a bad way. John was invited to see a play, and thought this particular child could use it. He went hoping to reach our child, and found himself to be the one who God was calling.

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This past Sunday, John was baptized!

 At one point in our lives, I would have thought this would never happen, and here we are. A dream come true, my husband will be in Heaven. Our family has a man of faith to lead us.  My children have a man of faith to guide them through the rest of their lives, and that is no small thing my friends.  We need more men of faith to guide our youth.

  As a side note: When I was a little girl, I used to dream of being a part of one of “those” families. You know the ones where they all went to church, they were kind, they were involved and did family stuff.

 As an adult I see things more complexly, and I know that what I wanted as a girl was only a sliver of reality. We bought a minivan this past week, and yesterday my husband who had been saved in weeks past and just that day baptized, drove our five kids and myself home from church. That was a little girl’s dream come true. 

My heart rejoices in John accepting Christ.  My home is forever changed, God took the many struggles and dark times of the last 12 years, and gave them all a purpose.


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