Anna is TEN!

All of my planned posts this week were delayed, we had an unfortunate vehicle and rock incident.  A new vehicle has been procured and all is well, so on to the awesome-ness.  I am combining my Sew What Weekend from last week with my post on my awesome Anna Banana.
5 years ago this little girl right here:

 photo 100_1024_zps0754321e.jpg

Yeah, that little girl, she lived in an orphanage in Ukraine.

  She lived in her own little world where the reflection from a mirror was her best friend.

This little girl would sit and rock back and forth, singing to herself, rocking, sucking on her hands that couldn’t properly grasp small items.

  This little girl was locked away in her mind, she was trained to do tricks, and she was void of the knowledge of just how awesome it is to be in a family.

Fast forward…. Happy Birthday Anna!!!!!
 photo IMG_7048_zps894d593d.jpg

This little girl who is now 10!  Well, she’s quite different from that other little girl.  She is able to do all kinds of things, she doesn’t rock back and forth, she is a big sister, a helper, a lover of animals.  She is amazing and she is 10 as of last Monday.  I know, I can’t believe it either, she’s so different from that other little girl. 

She’s modeling her birthday outfit that I had sewn for her.  I tried my hand at making leggings since they are a modesty necessity, and I used a shipwrecked Mickey print.  She loves everything I make and is always absolutely thrilled to get the clothes straight from the machine.  She’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, our lives are definitely enriched by having Anna as a part of our family.

 photo IMG_7033_zpsda1cf92c.jpg

I know one little girl who would be absolutely lost without her big sister, for though they are 8 years apart, they are the best of friends.

4 thoughts on “Anna is TEN!

  1. Happy 10th Birthday, Anna. Have a wonderful year being 10. My Mommy used to sew clothes for me & my sister. I loved it, too. Thanking God that you are part of a forever family.


  2. Sending belated happy birthday wishes to Miss Anna! Love the beautiful curls, and she's rockin' her cute new outfit with just the right attitude. But I can't believe it's been five years – where did they go??

    Will you all be attending the RR reunion this summer? I may go down to it for a day, just to meet people whom I know only online. Should be a very memorable event.

    Thanks for reviving your blog – so glad things are going well.

    Susan, up the road


  3. Thank you all, Anna really enjoyed her birthday. She even tried to have it again yesterday 🙂 Susan, we aren't going to the reunion, it does sound like fun though.


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