Baby Gear

There are a lot of products out there for babies.  I’m a total contradiction to myself when it comes to kid items.  I absolutely believe in less is more, that less stimulation is key, that creative toys are simple and draw creativity…..

But I love toys so so so much!

I know, I know, I’m awful.  As we’ve become parents to more children, I really am finding that my original ideas for creative toys are the way to go.  Less is more.

So, while we have a large exersaucer in the garage that Grace used, I decided to find something that wasn’t so “in your face” and that could be more portable.  We are often in different rooms of the house for school, cooking, family time, and then outside a lot during the warmer weather.

Insert the Go-Pod

 photo IMG_6957_zps57976595.jpg

I love this thing. I found this one on Amazon, it is a seat for babies, that is portable, and you can add your own toys to it.

 photo IMG_6959_zpse08597ed.jpg

I bought a haba wooden ring, a haba caterpillar, and a rubber teething toy to attach to ours. The go-pod is easy to clean, very light and portable, and it has a covering for the ground so that it can be used outside. It doesn’t have a bunch of hard plastic toys that the baby could bump his head on, and it doesn’t make a bunch of obnoxious noises. I love it! It is exactly what we were looking for.

 photo IMG_6984_zpsa80ce61f.jpg

Zeke loves it as well, he is happily chowing down on some toys. This is a time of chewing all objects for him, so easy access to chewy things are a plus in his book.

Now, as previously stated, I am a contradiction to myself.  It is possible that in the future, you will all see pics of Zeke in a pink exersaucer.  We do have one in the garage from when Grace was a baby.  However, I am really loving this go-pod.  There are no toys to be barfed on, no hidden places for crumbs to hide, it isn’t ginormous, and it allows me to pick the toys he has access to. 

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