Just Call Me Doula!

Our newest doe is pregnant…..STILL! This is crazy ya’ll, she should have popped those (hopefully two) goats out by now. We are unfortunately no where near a vet, so we are waiting. In our waiting I enlisted the help of my biggest boy there. He was doula for a day.

 photo IMG_6925_zps1b8590f1.jpg

He took Sierra our momma goat out of the fenced area, put her on her leash, and walked her….er…she walked him?

 Yes, that is a pregnant goat butt and an 8 year old boy in shorts, his mother’s muck boots, and a winter coat.

 We are ALL over some fashion in these parts of the woods.

 photo IMG_6933_zps563a38a6.jpg

He did a fantastic job caring for her. In my mind, I thought walking her might stimulate labor, I mean, that is what they tell humans to do. He also sat with her for two hours to give her company, read to her, and even gave her a good brushing.

  However, all of his efforts were for nothing, she has yet to pop.

Soooo….. I called in reinforcements. My biggest girl to the job.

 photo IMG_6969_zpsab40d7a7.jpg

She took Sierra for another walk. I’m starting to think that Sierra is holding out on delivering just to get the walks. Our goats are like super awesome dogs, and they do love to come out and walk, and eat stuff, and give goat kisses.

Oh well, what can I do, anyone have any goat labor advice?

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