Sew What Weekend!

In the last few months I have been really focusing on my sewing.  It is very stress relieving to sew, and I’m learning so many new skills.  I am completely self taught….as I almost failed my sewing project in high school home ec….she actually laughed at my shorts.

I don’t blame her, they did have legs that were two inches different.

Anywho, I usually sew on the weekends, John works then, and I am not busy doing school with the kids.  I like to do my baking on Saturday mornings and then sew in the evenings of the weekend.

Weekend party animal over here!

  It is a challenge to sew new things and learn new skills, and I must admit that I love it!  I love to learn anything new, and I love that I can create things that are useable.  I must tell you though, now that I’m learning to make clothes better, I am highly critical of things at the store.  I cannot believe how poorly constructed they are, but then what can you expect with working conditions abroad….

Here is what I have been working on this weekend.

 photo IMG_6939_zps78f77835.jpg

I tried my hand at serging some diapers with the blind elastic technique.

 photo IMG_6943_zps318608f4.jpg

See that ruffled look on the legs? That is what is supposed to happen with blind elastic, so it worked!


    photo IMG_6947_zpse0c132e1.jpg

I made these for Grace, since apparently, she’s never going to potty train. No, I do believe she will, it’s just that currently she is afraid of the potty. No rush I suppose, she’s just 2 and 2 months.

 photo IMG_6938_zps838da7a9.jpg

She loves fluff and I can’t blame her, these are super soft. The inside is bamboo and cotton velour. If you’ve never felt bamboo fleece, you are missing out. Bamboo materials are the softest materials.  I ordered some to make myself some pants.  I’m not the best at serging, but I still love how these turned out.

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