4 of the quickest

This is May! Can ya’ll believe that? Seriously?! I don’t know about the rest of the world, but this has been the quickest four months of my life. This guy right here…he’s four months old already.

 photo IMG_6736_zps7a0bca45.jpg

I know, you could just die from the cutie patootie overload, right! He went for his four month check up this past week, and I have to be real with you, they called out Ezekiel….I was thinking who on earth would name their kid that? Hahahahahahaha! It was only a brief second that this thought occupied my brain before I quickly jumped up with my little Zekey-Doo. I love his name though and he fits it well.

 photo IMG_6740_zpsff06270c.jpg

This child, this fifth child of mine, he is the most laid back feller. I mean, if I could pick the perfect fifth child, it would be him. He isn’t bothered by the noise that is Grace, he isn’t one to put up much of a fuss over anything, and even though he has multiple food intolerance (yay special mommy diet), he doesn’t complain. I know, I’m a very fortunate momma, and for the most part, he sleeps well.

Oh and there are the rolls. We cannot forget the rolls. Who doesn’t love a fat jolly fella.

It has most definitely been a whirlwind of four months, but I must say, it has been a really good four months. Our home has been filled with joy and love. We have been facing some rather stressful circumstances, but we’ve been able to  rely on God for our strength together, and really just let things fall where they land. If adding a fifth child to the home caused such a peaceful environment…..just imagine when there are eight or nine in the home 🙂

 photo IMG_6852_zpse50d5646.jpg

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