Goats Who Don’t Mate

We have two dairy goats.  Neither is in milk right now.  They are both as sweet as pie, and really they are a delight to have around, but we need these goats to make that nourishing life giving raw milk. 

I have a lot of kids.

My kids like milk.

I have two goats.

Goats make milk…….right?

Only if they are bred, have a baby, and are milked regularly.

So what is the problem? 

Our goats don’t have a mate   John found a dairy farm, called, arranged to buy a buck from them so that we could have a buck to breed our nannies with.  He drove the truck, goat trailer. and Tanner to the farm.  Where he was stood up 😦  The farmer was a no show, and even worse, the farmer will not answer his phone now. 

That’s weird y’all.

So here were are looking for another male goat, time is rushing away, we need to get these goat ladies bred.  This is not the first time we have been flaked out on by a farmer, what’s up with that?  It is just decent common courtesy to be prompt, dependable, or at least to call if you don’t want to make a deal.  We wasted a lot of gas money for a no show.  We wasted time.  What a bummer.

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