Off the Needles: Feet and Head

My little lady has only been alive for 20 months, well almost 20 months now, and during that time she has grown exponentially.  Anna joined our family at age 5, so she we never had a little girl to pass on items.  This has left our Grace potato without any hand me downs, thus she needs fresh yarn works.

It’s okay.
 photo grace35_zpsa65c677f.jpg

Her Momma knows how to knit and crochet….kind of…

 photo Grace36_zps757a2ad3.jpg

I still consider myself a noob, even after all of these years. I was able to crank out a pair of slippers for Grace this weekend though, she LOVES shoes like nobody’s business, and is constantly carrying off another person’s shoes to wear. So to say she was excited to have her own “feepers” is an understatement.

 photo Grace37_zpsff7cc76e.jpg

Her head is growing as well. I mean like really growing. Big heads = big brains? We hope. A big head means a new hat! So I tried this pattern, and it turned out really cute.

 photo grace38_zpsae124243.jpg

I love that part of this hat is knit in the round with a purl section.   It adds a little versatility.  I’m looking forward to knitting this hat for those even bigger headed little people in my life.

 photo Grace39_zps8f01a8a6.jpg

That is how Grace currently prefers to wear her hat. She does love it though, as hats are her second obsession.


The hat can be found HERE

And the slippers can be found HERE

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