My Love Language

Apparently, my love language isn’t romantic gestures, physical touch, or sweet cards…..it’s kitchen appliances.  Yup, they speak to me, they speak volumes of love into my very soul.  I use them daily, use them to death, and mourn when they are gone.

I kid..I kid…maybe….

Last month was our 11 year wedding anniversary, and for that anniversary I received two things.  One being a serger so that I could work on baby diapers, wipes, and breast pads (go breastfeeding woot woot!!!), and the other being this….

 photo IMG_4485_zps73ff0ebb.jpg

It is a grain mill.

I’ve wanted one of these bad boys for years, but I just never could justify the price.  Freshly milled grain is Uh- Mazing! Seriously, bread made from freshly milled grain is fresh, moist, fluffy, wonderful, I could go on and on.  Considering that my crockpot (one died or this would be plural), food processor, and blender get use multiple times throughout the week, I finally saved up enough to get this mill. 

The benefit of a grain mill is the ability to grind up wheat berries.  Y’all know we buy our grains (oats, rye, wheat, etc) by the 50-100lb bags, but wheat flour doesn’t store as long as wheat berries.  So buying in berry form allows us to store larger amounts of grain even longer.  Although I find myself going through about 25lbs a month with the bread, biscuits, muffins, and such.  Lately I have been grinding wheat on Fridays, preparing all of my baked goods for soaking, so that on Saturday I can do a big baking day.  This allows me to do a small baking day on Wednesday if needed, and I grind up extra flour to use if needed through the week. 

In the past I have tried whole wheat flour from the store for my sourdough starter.  It took about three days on the counter to smell like rotten dog doo.  Yeah, it was that bad.  This stuff though, I grind up hard white wheat berries, and it makes the most wonderful sourdough starter.  Completely 100% whole wheat.  !!!

My family is certainly enjoying the new grain mill, as I’ve been able to have flour on hand at all times, Andy says that biscuits are his love language….so I guess he and I go hand in hand. 

Kidding again, although the boy does love his biscuits. 

I waited a month to write about this bad boy, I wanted to see if it was as good as I had heard.  Oh yeah, it’s awesome, it might even grind rocks….but I shall never try, for I don’t want to ever lose this fella. 

P.S….to my hubby if you are reading….now that um…I have the grain mill….a mixer would be AWESOME!….just you know…in case you were wondering.

2 thoughts on “My Love Language

  1. I received a Zojirushi bread machine one year for either Christmas or my birthday and it was the best. I can totally understand the joy you must have had getting the mill. I've never tried milling my own grain. How do you store your berries to keep bugs and damp out of them?


  2. I store all of my grains in a 5 gallon food grade buckets with lids, no bugs, no dampness. We have done this successfully for two years. Our cabinets had moths when we bought he house, and every now and then I see one, so I keep all of my grains secure in those buckets.


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