Orphan Without Hair

Remember this girl?
 photo Annabanana12_zps937f137d.jpg

This girl had no hair, well only remnants of a really bad buzz cut grown out. She had no life in her eyes, was locked away in her own world, couldn’t walk across a parking lot, couldn’t close her hands due to the many many years of sucking on them. She was a shell of a little human being. A shell who LOVED hair. When we first met Anna she was enamored with my hair. Her and Tanner both, but she would run her hands through my hair, and then touch her own. She loved hair so much that we were actually able to keep her calm during her Ukrainian medical visit for the Visa by letting her sit and brush my hair for more than an hour. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any hair.

But she does now!

 photo Annabanana13_zps334bf875.jpg

Oh she has about shoulder length hair now, beautifully soft blonde hair. I have only ever washed Anna in castile soap, I wash her hair and everything with it. It is gentle and it keeps her from having bad eczema flairs. She’s still a little dry, but nothing like before. Had I not had her hair cut into what was supposed to be a cute bob, but turned unfortunate “down syndrome bowl” cut last year, she would have longer hair. Oh well.

 photo Annabanana10_zpsdfb84ae2.jpg

She has enough hair that it can be played with, which she adores. She loves to wear dresses and have her hair “did” pretty much every day. I don’t do it fancy every day, but when I do she exclaims how pretty it is and oh thank you moms are said over and over all day.

 Her hair is seriously a dream, it dries straight, shiny, and so so soft. I’m envious (as I rock a half fro mass of ugh most of the time). Anna will also sit and let you do her hair for hours without moving an inch, she’s patient, she is a hairdressers dream….or a mommy who loves to do hair.

This style was so fun to do, only took about five minutes, and I’m thinking I should spring for one of those Lilla Rose clips I keep seeing on the blogs. She would love that, she loves jewelry and hair pretties. Since she doesn’t really like toys, I’m thinking something like that in her stocking this year would be nice.

   photo Annabanana11_zps3b46cb36.jpg

This girl who now has hair has life in her eyes.  She slips away into that other world much less often now, especially since she has this little sister that follows her around trying to brush her hair.  She lets her to, and Grace just envies Anna’s pretty hair, because let’s face it…..Grace is still rocking a pretty fierce mullet. 

This Anna girl of mine, she has come a long way.  She had developed a personality that continues to bloom, this girl can not only walk across a parking lot, she can run across the field with the goats, climb a fence, and twirl like nobody’s business.  She hauls wood, carries laundry, pushes a stroller (her favorite activity), and really has no limits to her physical capabilities.  Her growth is amazing as is her beauty, and I’m so glad she has hair, glad that she delights in being a girl, glad that she has life in her eyes. 

She is most definitely not and orphan without hair now 🙂

2 thoughts on “Orphan Without Hair

  1. Pretty, vibrant girl! LOVE Anna's hairstyle – and love your account of her transformation. Good job, in so many ways…

    Susan, up the road


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