Baby Heads, Knits, and a Winner!

I knit up a quick hat yesterday that is supposed to fit our little man on the way.  I have to say that I’m doubtful about this actually fitting his head.

Are baby heads really that small?

I find myself staring at my toddler here, 19 months old, in possession of a rather large noggin.  It’s cringe worthy really, I mean this is what I visualize coming out of….well you know where.

Then I see this tiny little hat.

I think to myself, “self you can totally get that out.”  Yes, I need self talk, because although this is my fifth child and third pregnancy, I’ve never gotten one out the way God intended.  It’s unknown territory.  It’s scary.  I have attended many births, I’ve ready many books, I “know” how the baby gets out….but knowing how it happens and actually doing it myself are waaaaay different.  There is just no way to actually prepare for that unknown feeling. 

Oh well, whatever the size of his head, I’m on a mission to knit up a cute collection of hats.  Talk about gratifying, little baby hats take like an hour and a half.  Although, again, I could be knitting way to small….wishful thinking maybe? 

 photo IMG_4698_zpsd72ac2fd.jpg Giveaway Winner!

I haven’t started CDing yet, but we are slowly building our stash while we wait for our LO to get here. I like the idea of using prefolds and fitteds since they are most economical and dry the fastest. Thanks for this giveaway.
Cop-MonsteROctober is the winner of the diaper package, email me your address at takishaknp (at) yahoo(dot)com and I will get these in the mail on Monday.  Congrats!

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