Our Day

So I read THIS, and wow was it awesome.  It also got me to thinking, do people really think that stay at home moms do nothing all day? 

Really really?

Why stay at home if you aren’t going to do anything, wouldn’t that be dreadfully boring.  I haven’t been bored in like, oh, seven years now.  I remember boredom, and now I think about all of the knitting I could have been doing had I not been so “bored.” 

I take my job as mom pretty seriously, and I try to keep a pretty good flow of the day going.  I’m not one to try and schedule every second, mostly because I’m anal, and if every second is scheduled I feel the immense pressure to stick to that schedule by the very seconds. 

That ain’t possible with four individual small humans living within my scheduled day, who all have vastly different opinions of how things should get done and when.  Sometimes that small one just does not like my schedule, and so we have to alter the flow slightly, but still it’s nice to have the flow.  My bigs need to know how their day will go.

Our day goes something like this….

  • Wake up, brush all teeth (except Andy’s), lay out everyone’s clothes (except Andy), get everyone to the bathroom, hair done, diaper changed.
  • Cook breakfast (usually steel cut oats, 9 grain porridge, eggs and bacon, or on occasion pancakes). 
  • Have a child set the table, and another child put out water cups.
  • Make the ever so fantastic much needed (sadly only one since I’m preggo)cup of coffee.
  • Throw laundry in the wash.
  • Sit down, say the prayer, and get food into the bellies.
  • Read a Psalm
  • Clear the table, change a diaper, move small people to the kitchen (Andy works on the independent part of school).
  • Clean the dishes and wipe the counters
  • Swap out laundry
  • Lay out dinner or start if crockpot, fill the Berkey, soak any grains that are needed for the next day, start bread rising for baking, brew kombucha tea if day, tend the kefir, feed the sourdough
  • Sweep and quick mop the floor
  • Kids and I workout (kettlebells, weights/pilates, or I walk on the treadmill while they build with blocks in the room with me).
  • Quick shower and change a diaper
  • Anna and Tanner (story, speech work, reading, math skills, motor skill building, and a game)
  • Grace and Mommy play time (Andy plays with Anna, Tanner builds with one of our many building toys within mommy’s view).
  • Laundry switch and folding
  • Lunch Prep(bake bread)
  • Lunch
  • Grace down for nap, quick kitchen clean
  • Andy school time (read aloud, history, science, English, art or composer study, spelling review, check math work, poetry, character training, and Bible verse memory).
  • Grace up, we all go feed and water the goats and chickens (this will change to an earlier time once our chickens have been culled).
  • Snack
  • Picture book story time
  • Board game or play time with mommy
  • Laundry fold and put away
  • vacuum floors
  • bathroom clean up
  • Outside play time (mom knits and kids play)
  • 1/2 hour of tv time
  • dinner prep (usually takes about an hour)
  • dinner
  • kitchen clean up/music dance around the kitchen time
  • baths, teeth, story, bed

Mommy then falls into the couch with extreme exhaustion.  The kids (especially Grace, Anna, and Tanner) are with me all throughout the day.  They help with small things, sing, play around my feet, etc.  Mondays, Andy has co-op classes, so I grocery shop that day.  Some days John takes them out to do something in the afternoons or what not, and some days we work in more arts and crafts or a some sewing time for me.  Usually I have to do my sewing after they go to bed though.  We work a lot of stuff into our days, but it all seems to flow nicely most of the time.  While it is laid back, it is not a do nothing, lazy, eat bon bons type of life.  There are some days where I manage to sit down for less than 30 minutes until they all go off to bed. 

I like to be doing something, learning something, or hugging 😉 Can you ever have enough hugging?….I think not.

I don’t like to sit to long, I think it makes me sore now that I’m getting so large, and I think it makes me more tired and cranky.  I like to work in lots of cuddles and books to read, I like to cook (thank goodness ’cause I have big eaters and cook from scratch), and I like to keep my hands doing stuff.  In the gardening months we have more outside time for gardening chores, during winter months we have more indoor time (although the kids and John do bring wood in), and two or three days a week we try to do some sort of nature study.  I like kids being in nature.  I think every day we should all get outside and breathe fresh air. 

I think anyone who says stay at home moms are lazy should come here for a day.  Our days are more than full.  I value my job, and I don’t take it for granted.  I am thankful to get to spend so much time with my kids, to see then grow, to guide them.  It is a blessing to me and to them that we get to have this life together, lazy I am not, blessed beyond measure is more what I would describe me as.

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