Little Hands to Work

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This weekend I decided that as part of Andy’s handiwork tasks for this year, he should learn something that he could do inside, something that would keep his mind and hands busy.

You see, we loosely follow a Charlotte Mason type of learning in our homeschool process (hoping to follow it more closely down the line but hey do what ya can).  Part of this type of learning is to teach handiworks.  Outside, Andy has boards, nails, a hammer, wood glue, and other tools for his own personal creative efforts. 

This did not help with the inside I’m bored, electronics are super limited, what can I do allll day-ness.

So I taught him to knit.

 photo andy4_zpseaf1f557.jpg

He learned the knit stitch on straight needles.  I cast on for him, and do the first turning stitch.  He’s working on a wash cloth.  I’m surprised by how fast he picked it up (ahem…it may have taken me much much longer in my youtube learning to knit journey to master this), and by how interested he was.  You know, once we established that yes, men can knit to. 

I love little hands at work.  I look forward to teaching Anna to knit one day, as I envision me in my 70’s and her in her 50’s sitting around in rockers knitting for all of the great grandkids/grand-nieces and nephews.  Good times ya’ll good times.

2 thoughts on “Little Hands to Work

  1. What a great photo of Andy! You should frame it – really fine artistic quality. I love the little basket in the background, too – did you make it? It strongly resembles one I made last Christmas at the college in your old town.

    Susan up the road


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