Cloth Diapering…and Giveaway!!!!!

In our house we use cloth diapers.  I started using them when Andy was about three months old, and then continued to with various foster babies, and now Grace.   In my opinion, cloth diapers are easier than disposable.  There are many many different types of cloth diapers these days, and I believe I have tried them all.  I don’t think there is a universal diaper that will fit everyone’s needs, but I am going to share what we like using.

I roll old school….well not flat diaper old school, but next to flat diapers old school.  photo IMG_4510_zps70e9183e.jpg

Our main day time diaper is a large rectangular diaper called a prefold.  These were my favorites with Andy, and now with Grace, I prefer to use these during the day.  These particular diapers are organic prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers.  Um….I hope that if I am ever in need of diapers, this company will come out with an organic adult diaper, and my kids will be so generous to me.  These are deliciously soft. 

You can secure these diapers onto a baby with pins.  I love pins, but Grace is a wild beast, so I use the snappi. 

 photo IMG_4514_zpsfbdd123c.jpg

The snappi is so awesome. It makes diapering a cinch. It has little teeth on the backside that grab into the diaper, holding it into place.

 photo IMG_4515_zps11890174.jpg

For these particular diapers, we use a cover to keep it waterproof. I use a combination of different covers, since I can knit, we do have some wool. I also use a few PUL (polyurethane laminate) covers. Thirsties or Bummis are my favorite brands.

   photo IMG_4520_zps2986d6b9.jpg

I like to use wool at night. Wool is soft, breathable, and when lanolized it is waterproof.

   photo IMG_4521_zpscc04f0de.jpg

We use cloth wipes as well. It just makes sense to me, and this way, no paper ends up in the diaper bucket.

 photo IMG_4527_zpsd64474be.jpg

At night, I use what is called a fitted diaper. I made these with snaps, bamboo fabric (super duper absorbency), and cotton velour (hello softness). These are just more absorbent for my super soaking tot, and they also make outings a bit easier. I have a die hard love for prefolds, but unfortunately my super soaker does not like them at night.

 photo IMG_4511_zps3384eb01.jpg

Cloth diapering is pretty simple. Change baby when wet, spray diaper if soiled (I have a sprayer attached to my toilet), toss into diaper bucket. Wash every other day (my preference), dry, repeat. Lanolize wool every now and then. Viola, super easy, no landfill waste, cheap, squishy softness to the butt. What’s not to love?


And now since I want everyone to be encouraged to cloth diaper, and since I do have super duper love for prefolds, I’m going to give some away.  I have a newborn pack from Green Mountain Diapers (no they didn’t send it to me and I am not getting paid by them…..just love ’em).  This is a small prefold, a newborn prefold, and a thirsties duo size 1 wrap cover. 

 photo IMG_4519_zps49dc6cb7.jpg

If you would like a chance to win, leave a comment below. For five extra chances, share this giveaway, then come back and tell us about it.

We’ll do it old school, and put all chances in a bucket. Next Friday, Anna will pull a name from the bucket. Easy Peasy.

11 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering…and Giveaway!!!!!

  1. I haven't started CDing yet, but we are slowly building our stash while we wait for our LO to get here. I like the idea of using prefolds and fitteds since they are most economical and dry the fastest. Thanks for this giveaway.


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