Baby Number 5 at 6 Months

 photo IMG_4473_zps170cfc8e.jpg

Well I’m six months along now, and my little peanut here is about a pound and a half.  I had to have an ultrasound last week, and will have another in 8 weeks, to make sure he is growing appropriately.  Since we are attempting a natural delivery after 2 cesareans, we are under obligation to some strict guidelines.  One of those being, not to grow a ginormo toddler sized baby.  So, I’ve been eating completely unprocessed foods, lots of fermented foods such as sauerkraut (YUM), and exercising daily.

It seems to be working, I haven’t gained my usual 80lbs yet.  Oh yes, with Andy I did actually gain 80 pounds….and with Grace it was almost 50.  Thus far, I’ve only gained about 9, and I feel so much better this time around.  Although, admittedly, I’m feeling a wee bit old this time.  29 is kicking my butt.  Or maybe it is the fact that I have four other kiddos to chase around, and oh yeah….the goats…and chickens…life is good though.  I feel 100 times better this pregnancy than I did at 21 when I had Andy. Our lifestyle has changed drastically since then, and I am forever grateful for those changes.  Had we stayed on that path, I can only imagine how incredibly unhealthy we would be right now.

Emotionally, I am feeling so GREAT!  I wasn’t at first, but after having two weeks of daily anxiety attacks, I went to acupuncture.  Seriously, if you ever want to feel absolutely fabulous, get thee self to an acupuncturist.  I didn’t think it would work, but I was open, and I could not be happier.  It actually works, and it works WELL.  The idea of needles in my skin freaked me out so much, but they are actually the smallest needles ever, and they do not hurt at all going in.  Once they are placed in, you feel this energy surging through your body, and then this overwhelming feeling of deep relaxation.  The best part is that the feeling lasts. 

In the interest of full disclosure, along with acupuncture, I am getting daily exercise as well as eating a very healthy diet full of raw cheese, soaked grains, unprocessed natural sweeteners, bone broth, and fermented foods.  I am also taking fermented cod liver oil each day.  This has been the healthiest pregnancy I’ve had, I am so optimistic for a natural birth and healthy baby…..ooooh maybe one that actually sleeps.

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