Pointless Yet Awesome Vacuum Post

There are some products that just make life easier.

Am I right?

One of those things is the vacuum cleaner.  I am not blessed to have wall to wall wood flooring throughout my home.  We are saving up, putting wood floors for the living room and dining room in in our budget for next year.  In the mean time, we have carpet in all rooms except bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. 

So I vacuum.

I actually have vacuum OCD, and every day I must vacuum the living and dining room(aka..worst place ever for carpet).  Maybe it’s less OCD, and more living with an 18 month old. 

I kill vacuum cleaners.  They hate me, there is probably a whole union of anti Kisha household vacuum cleaners out there, just hoping I won’t purchase them.  We go through one a year, is that normal?  It just doesn’t seem normal. 

So this year, when our vacuum cleaner died, I decided I wanted a slightly better than budget priced walmart vacuum.  You know, one that might actually suck all of the dirt out of the carpet each day, one that might last two years…..ohhhhh two years baby. 

I heard through facebook that I should get a Shark.  To the research batcave I went, because I must obsessively research everything before purchase, and then once making that decision, I must scour the web for the best price….I scour the web, because well…….there are no stores in my town aside from the Gun and Grocery and a few other small non vacuum carrying establishments.

 photo IMG_4479_zpsb1c57d32.jpg

I bought this puppy off of Amazon.


Seriously, this vacuum will suck the dirt off your momma!  Then it will need to be emptied, and it’s ready to do the same tomorrow.  I love this vacuum, it makes my floors look and feel so clean.  It doesn’t whine and moan being used day after day.  It just does it’s job to the fullest.  Such a trooper it is, so faithful, so suckalicious.

So yea, there’s really no “point” to this post other than to share my love of this household necessity, that I wish someone had told me about long long ago.  Therefore, if you are in the market for vacuums, you are welcome….and I am not affiliated or selling these, I just love them.

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