I love nuts! 

 photo IMG_4434_zps2bbf822c.jpg Nuts are fattening, but they are fattened with the good fats.  They are crunchy, tasty, little morsels of super nutrients packed into bite sized goodness.  They are however full of phytic acid.  Phytic acid can inhibit the absorption of nutrients.  The goal is to neutralize the phytic acid in our foods to make them more easily digested, and allow our bodies to fully absorb all of the good nutrients in our nutrient dense food choices.

So how do we do that?

Soak the nuts and dehydrate them.  This will neutralize the phytic acid and make enjoyment of the delicious tasty nutrient packed morsels even better. 

Soaking is easy.

Throw our nuts in a bowl, cover with filtered water, throw in a couple pinches of sea salt. 

Cover the nuts with a tea towel.

After about 7 hours or so, drain the water, and throw your nuts into the dehydrator.

 photo IMG_4435_zps8328286d.jpg

I just let them dehydrate overnight, and in the morning, I find some cheese head.

 photo IMG_4441_zps20a6e5be.jpg Probably not that cheese head, she’s the least trustworthy….but find a bigger one to sort out the nuts into baggies. Then you can put the baggies into the fridge or freezer for future enjoyment.

  Easy Peasy!

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