She Moved

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The time has come, Grace has finally moved. For the last 18 1/2 months, we have been roomies. She would sleep in her crib in our room, I could sneak a peek at her before going to bed. I could watch that sweet squishy baby slumber that just melts a momma’s heart. I could easily respond to her frequent night terrors (doesn’t just reading night terror break your heart).


We are separated….

Grace has moved in with Anna. Anna squealed, jumped, shouted with, “Oh yay gweat Mom!”

 I did not feel the same joy as Anna.

I wanted to move Grace, it was definitely time. I wanted to get this move established before another little human takes up residence in our room, and with Grace being such a light sleeper, there was just no way she could stay. I am happy to have these next few months alone in our room with John, but oh I mourned the separation. Grace didn’t have those feelings. She went down just as crazily as usual, but she easily soothed and went to sleep. She did have one night terror, but it lasted only two minutes, and then she was out all night. I was not out all night. I was up, waiting, listening to the monitor. 

I didn’t cry though…..like I cried when Andy moved to his room at two. I cried for a week at that time. I was comforted this time that Grace wasn’t alone, she had Anna’s presence. 

Why are these things so much harder for the Momma? This morning Grace was all squeals and smiles when she woke up. 

We survived the move. 

Sniff…tear….sniff…sniff….my baby is growing up. 

Side Note: My less than tactful hubs did not understand my sadness, and told me I had a baby literally up my rear….wasn’t that good enough. He was of course trying to lighten the mood, I did have to laugh out loud. I am so thankful that I have Anna here, thankful that Grace has a big sister to share a space with. Thankful that everything went well, and we have overcome another of life’s never ending transitions.

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