Girlfriend’s Pants

It has been what 3 years now?  Yes, THREE years that I have been trying to find something to fit on the bottom half of Anna.

The problem?

Anna has no butt. 

No hips.

A protruding belly.

Long bird legs.

How do you pants that?

I can’t believe I didn’t do this long, long ago.

I took a pair of maternity jeans (the bane of my current existence as they don’t stay up either), and cut them into pants for Anna.  Stitched them up. Viola!

Girlfriend has some jeans!

 photo Annabanana9_zps732d05a3.jpg

They do not fall down and how crackage, they are super warm so that her little blue self will be warmer this winter, and she loves them.  This is awesome for us, because no pants ever fit Anna.  We even tried jeans with suspenders over an undershirt but under a sweatshirt.  That takes away some autonomy though, because she couldn’t get the suspenders off to go to the bathroom.   I have three pair of leggings that do not fall down the crack, that’s it, everything else does.  So for three years she’s had to wear a dress over leggings in order to hide her bottom.  Which is super cute, she loves dresses and all, but again there is the matter of her turning blue once the temps fall below 70 outside. 

Now I must make many many more of these…..I wonder if I could make them for Tanner. 

Yeah, this is great.

3 thoughts on “Girlfriend’s Pants

  1. You could start your own business. You don't know how many people who have children with Ds, that have a hard time finding clothes to fit their kids. Especially after they get out of their preschool years. For Caleb and Jimmy, I have to buy jeans and then get them hemmed. We have to try on a 10 pair before I get the ones that fit good enough and then have to pay and extra $10 a pr. to have them hemmed. (I am not a sewer). Liam and Elijah are still small enough that they can fit into a regular kids size 5 levis, thank God. But their time is coming…..I wish I could sew!!


  2. Amy, I have that problem with Tanner. He is so short, so small, and so no butted, that we have to use size 4 on him and elastic. Anna is lucky, she can pull off skinny jeans, which is apparently what I'm able to sew right now. Maybe one day I'll make custom jeans for kids with Ds….or I'll teach Anna to sew, and then she can have her own business.

    Thanks Susan, she is super duper excited. I've been sewing up a winter stash of jeans, and she's delighted over each pair that she's had to try on for fit 🙂


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