This Beautiful Life

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I feel like this blog has captured so little of my sweet Grace.  It has been left, abandoned, void of the many memories that each of my bigger kids have here.  This little one is so incredibly beautiful.  It is known that one day I will print this all out for keeps, one day my kids will be grown with their own kids, and they will see that maybe our lives aren’t so very different.  Our struggles and triumphs are shared across the generations.

I hope that Grace doesn’t feel as though she wasn’t valued much, since the chaos of life has kept me from recording much about her.  For she is treasured.  This child, my most typically developing little, has a personality like none I’ve ever seen.  She is growing rapidly, and though I wish time could stand still so that I could nuzzle her head and enjoy just one more embrace, I look forward to each day with her.

Every day in the life of an 18 month old child is a new adventure.  She picks up new vocabulary, a new skill, a new quirk.  We all delight in watching her grow each day.  I know that she feels incredibly loved and secure.  Although, she still doesn’t sleep.  I’m still working on that one……

This small person has the biggest sense of humor one could imagine for the size of her being.  She walks around doing goofy faces, a funny dance, or even making growling funny noises just to laugh at herself.  She doesn’t even care if other’s laugh at her, for she amuses herself with her own humor.  I absolutely adore that.

She is unlike most babies I suppose.  She doesn’t like mashed potatoes, sugary items, juice, and instead prefers raw cheese, fermented pickles, and apples….oh and BATON! Girlfriend loves her nitrate free organic bacon.  She is her daddy’s child 🙂

Grace plays with her toys in an imaginative way. 

That is HUGE (for us anyway).

It is so interesting to watch her sit in the floor with her barn and animals, she make sounds, hides them, pretends to feed them, etc.  I could watch this all day.  Her attention can be held for half an hour with this one toy.  She carries around a stuffed bunny, she calls it “bunz”  it goes everywhere she does.  It is even attempted multiple times a week to put bunz in the bathtub.  Bunz goes to bed with her, she feeds him what she eats, and if bunz has to get a ride in the washer…..well it’s pretty much the end of the world. 

Parenting Grace is a whole new type of parenting.  She doesn’t have the challenges and struggles, the delays, or the social setbacks of my other children.  It is a joy to watch her, and so much more relaxing to feel that she’s okay, I’m not racking my brain trying to come up with what thing we can try next to help her move forward.  

She enjoys the freedom she has to just be a toddler.  She loves to be outdoors, animals are her “peeps,” and she tests the toddler limits all day long.  Her temper flares, but she doesn’t have long drawn out meltdowns.  She is a beautiful little being full of good humor.  We are all blessed to have her in our home, she creates a peace, joy, and usually a good laugh.  I am so thankful the Lord sent her to us, I am so thankful we did not choose to stop having children in light of our struggles, for I cannot imagine our lives without Grace. 

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