When Life Hands You Lemons….er….Apples

Life can be tough, God did not promise that it would be all roses.  I think our expectation of a rose colored life can be detrimental to our ability to live in the actual real world.  Sometimes life just hands you lemons….

And sometimes it hands you really ugly apples.

 photo blog6_zps7d0e4a9a.jpg

We have been having a lot of struggles lately, each day full of tiresome and weariness. It would be easy to fall into a pit of despair with the overwhelming feelings of these events, but instead we must look around and breathe. We must see life that is happening outside of the strain. Our life still moves on. We still wake up, and put one foot in front of the other. While I would like to say that I can easily move through the daily struggles, trusting God to carry the burden, it wouldn’t be truth. I am fleshy and human, and sometimes I just want to hide.

Thankfully, things happen that force me to not hide and wallow.

  Like a bucket full of apples that I couldn’t bear to let go to waste.

So I put the hubby to work

 photo blog7_zpsec061ab4.jpg

I really do hate to peel produce, it’s a passionate dislike on my part. John didn’t mind, and the kids didn’t mind eating the tasty bits…..neither did the goats.

This bucket of apples was truly horrid looking, apples that people might pass up if walking by to pick. They looked bruised, spotted, really and truly terrible to the naked eye. Yet, they were still good apples. Thus is life, it may look bruised and ugly, but there is potential for enjoyment underneath. Those apples created something truly delightful with a little hard work. A little understanding and a lot of non-judgment to the outside appearance yielded a wonderful apple pie!

 photo blog8_zpsf040aed0.jpg

It created a delicious aroma that permeated all corners of the home.

 photo blog10_zpsf67f29b5.jpg

Oh and pints of apple butter, a little hint of sweetness to be added throughout the year. A little already made goodness to sweeten life a bit.

  It also yielded a memory.

As a family we took those ugly apples, we applied a little work, made up some dough, and had a fun time making delicious things for our family to enjoy for a while yet to come.

And then this young lady….

 photo blog9_zps545be5e7.jpg

Seriously climbed up onto the table while I was taking a picture of the pie…..and PUNCHED it!

She thinks she’s funny. TURKEY!

One thought on “When Life Hands You Lemons….er….Apples

  1. loved your post. you worked together, looking beyond the surface imperfections, the extra work and created something of precious value. couldn't believe the pie got punched!!!! … but imagine a punched pie still tastes mighty tasty.

    keep on keeping on. confident God will supply daily grace and strength.


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