Toys!….of the goat persuasion.

I love that hubs of mine so much, not only does he build awesome toys for the kiddos, but he built a toy for the goats.  Apparently goats get bored, but who can blame them.  I mean they stand and eat, lay and eat, stand some more and eat, then lay and eat…..and then get into mischief.

 photo blog4_zps22cab9b4.jpg

In hopes of keeping most of the mischief at bay, John built something to keep our two entertained.

 photo blog5_zpse87915e8.jpg

Er…make that three.

 photo blogpic_zpsc00cb16a.jpg

The goats absolutely love it! They are standing out there playing all day long, they were so happy they gave free kisses….hmmm…or is that free nibbles to the hat?

 photo blogpic2_zps333f4646.jpg

No, no, those are definite free kisses 🙂

 photo blogpic3_zpscd153d06.jpg

A little to much goat affection for Miss Grace.

P.S. I love that man, building things with his ruggedness one minute, carrying the baby on his hip the next.  I think I’ll keep him for forever.

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