That Gut Feeling

I believe with every child, you just kind of know, kind of have a feeling.  You know?

I didn’t “know” exactly what this little bean was, but I kind of felt like we were having a boy.  I didn’t mind either way, I mean, we have two boys and two girls.  However, what we don’t have, are boy clothes and things.  Why didn’t I buy gender neutral with Grace?


Because I wasn’t suppose to conceive children anymore.  Remember.  Three years ago, the doctor told me I would probably never have another biological child……hmmph….!

Show’s what they know eh?

So, naturally, when I became pregnant with a GIRL, I bought lots of girly things.  In my mind it wasn’t likely that we’d have anymore babies, so why not buy girly stuff. 

God is so good to me though, and here we are expecting a little boy. 

I must have known.

I knit this up last month, thinking that if by some chance it were a girl, this could totally be gender neutral….even though it is blue.

 photo bec570ad-ca4d-4063-80dd-de0f8668c8a0_zpsdd13aa85.jpg

My first sweater ever, I thought it was fairly easy, but this is far from perfection. It does posesess many flaws, but I’m okay with that. Knitting for me is a youtube learning process.

  FYI: You can learn anything from youtube…..it’s how I learned to milk a goat….

This little sweater will be perfect for our winter baby.

Scrumptiously soft wool.

Soft scrumptious newborn.


One thought on “That Gut Feeling

  1. Great updates! Congratulations on your expectations – love the little multi-colored sweater.

    Anna is so tall now – she's turning into a big girl, and reminds me of Heidi, with her affection for the goats. And your little one is a toddler, not a baby, and the boys growing up fast, too – my goodness, what changes.

    Love the goats. It sounds like they, too, are fitting perfectly into your family, er, make that “fitting into your farm”.

    Hope everyone is feeling better, and enjoying these late summer days…

    Susan, still up the road


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