Boy or Girl?

I had my ultrasound today.  Finding out that everything is okay, and that our baby is growing well, is very reassuring.  John couldn’t be present at the ultrasound, as he was with the other children, one being sick from this cold that seems to want to attack us all.  So I had the ultrasound tech write down the baby’s gender.  This way I could bring it home for us to find out together.

So…..what is the gender of our fifth baby?

 photo IMG_4356_zps6f726f8d.jpg

 photo IMG_4363_zpsd5a4cf39.jpg

 photo IMG_4374_zpse0e69698.jpg

 photo IMG_4369_zps41479afe.jpg

Yes, we are having a boy!

  Andy was soooo hoping for another brother, and now he will have one. Now….what to do with all of those girly diapers, the pink bouncy seat, pink boppy, and the girly carseat 🙂

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