Homemade Lozenges

We have been kicked in the rear by a cold this last week.  It is always so surprising to catch a cold in this house, it usually happens once a year, and when it does it seems to hit powerful.  Andy had it first, but thankfully it only lasted three days with him.  I gave him a lot of raw garlic, raw honey, elderberry syrup, vitamin C, bone broth, and an immunity tea.  He never developed a sore throat.

I was not so fortunate.

I developed all of the symptoms he had plus many more.  For some reason this cold has really settled in my chest, and is trying to take hold of my body.  A pregnant woman should not take more than one garlic clove a day, so I am taking all that Andy did minus the extra garlic.  I also made up some lozenges to soothe my throat.

To make these I used slippery elm.  It is an herb from the slippery elm tree, which has a bark that creates a thick mucous in the body.  This, when used in lozenge form, helps to coat the throat.  It is also helpful with digestive issues as it coats the intestines, and also when made into a paste, can be helpful for wound care.

   photo IMG_4265_zpsbcf87344.jpg

I pulled me up a helper. Andy loves learning about herbs and natural ways to heal the body, so this was a great learning lesson for him. We mixed 1/4 cup of slippery elm bark powder (I purchased mine from the Bulk Herb Store), 3-5 TBS of raw honey, 1/2 tsp. of ground ginger, and about 1/2 tsp. of ground lemon peel together in a small bowl. Really you can used any flavoring, but I like the extra antioxidants and healing power of ginger and lemon.

 photo IMG_4268_zps6e80903d.jpg

Then you just roll them into little balls, and let them dry for about 24-48 hours. The key is to let them melt in your mouth, or drop one in some tea.

 I’m not going to lie, this tasted like sucking on a little nugget of hay…..but it was also instant relief. For me, that is worth the taste. I’m sure you could adjust the taste, I’ve read that some people roll theirs in stevia sweetened carob powder before allowing to dry. I’m guessing that would improve the taste. 

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