From Orphanage to Farm!

It might have taken three years, well okay, three and a half, but Anna is finally surrounded by animals. She is finally a farm gal. The animals love Anna, she is very gentle with them, and they just sense that she is awesome. We have a barn cat that is so very mean to all of the bigger kids, but absolutely adores Anna. There is just something about her.

 photo IMG_4257_zps37d06250.jpg

So to say that she was very happy to have goats would be an understatement.

I know that many people would detest the idea of living our lives, and many may see that we’ve brought our two Ukrainians into a terrible existence. I don’t see it that way though. I feel like they’ve been given a freedom to live at peace with nature, to be themselves, and to live a very fulfilling life. Down syndrome does not hold them back here. They do chores, enjoy eating a fresh tomato from the garden they helped plant, throw scraps to chickens they’ve helped raise since tiny babies, and have space to grow without society telling them how fast they need to progress. They are also learning life skills that most people do not have as adults, skills that our society may need in the future.

   photo IMG_4259_zps509c6cc9.jpg

We do not tether our goats, we actually have a nice enclosed area for them. However, we thought the goat would enjoy going to the other side of the property for a walk this day, and to eat the goodies over there. We were right, and she enjoyed Anna’s company. So there were two happy ladies with the venture, and one very unhappy little goat who didn’t get to go on that walk.

  Oh and one unhappy baby, until…..

 photo IMG_4249_zpsa02df335.jpg

Baby met goat.

  It was love.

Grace is our nature baby, being outdoors is her greatest joy, and adding in a garden with food plus animals to play with….heaven!

  I guess I would say, I like the life we are building for all of our kids, both homegrown and heartgrown. It just feels right. There is a wonderful feeling when walking down the driveway in early morning with a fresh pail of milk. It is hard to explain, but hard work and productivity are just extremely fulfilling. I want our kids to learn to love it, to have that appreciation for living a life where hard work is rewarding. Where they feel accomplished in not having idle hands, to see God in everything, and feel at peace with what He made.

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