Goat Lesson #1

 photo garlic8_zpscafebf0f.jpgphoto credit

If by some chance you get a milking goat, and then all of a sudden get hit by a horrendous cold, you must still milk the goat.

An udder does not care if you are sick.

If your baby gets the same cold, and those cold symptoms begin to present themselves at 10:40pm. And if that baby fusses, coughs, snots, and yammers until 2:43am, you must still get up at 4:30 to sanitize the milking supplies, you know since said goat isn’t on the 7 and 7 milking schedule yet.

So yeah, that is goat lesson #1.

 Regardless of circumstance, one must always care for the animals. Again, an udder does not care if you have a cold. An udder has no sympathy.  Udder is just kind of a fun word. 

We will be consuming large quantities of garlic, elderberries, and bone broth today.

Oh and goat lesson #2….in case you didn’t know…I didn’t.

Goats poop little balls like rabbits (well larger than rabbits).  It makes clean up ALOT easier.

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