Goats and Marriage

You know….

Goats and Marriage

Goats and Marriage

Go together like a horse and….?

No, I suppose it doesn’t work like that. Well, except in our house.

11 years ago (next month) I married this man.

 photo dad1_zps4ddfdfa4.jpg

He didn’t have the cute shoulder décor at the time. When I married that man, I envisioned living in a subdivision, raising a couple of kids, and being a teacher at a local school. I did not envision this…

 photo IMG_4220_zps06361e18.jpg

You know, standing barefoot in the middle of nowhere, pregnant with our FIFTH child 🙂 The homeschooling mom, the wanna-be homesteader, the woman who looks forward to receiving goats as a wedding anniversary gift. No, I did not ever picture myself being that woman. Here I am though.

  Our first goats arrived today!
   photo IMG_4231_zps15a42bf2.jpg

That is our milking doe, Honesty. She is super sweet, but a little nervous to be in a new place. She had twins earlier this year, so she’s a fist time milker. She comes from an excellent blood line, and we have hopes that she will be with us for a very long time.
   photo IMG_4234_zps6f45f392.jpg

We purchased another goat from the same farm, Charity, she is only 6 months old. She is very inquisitive, loving, and has no qualms about riding in the car or moving to a new farm. She and Andy have become fast friends. What a neat anniversary gift. I haven’t attempted to milk yet, and I’ve never milked another animal before, so Andy is going to take video for me. I’m guessing it is an experience we won’t forget.

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