These Days

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These days seem to be passing by without time to collect one’s thoughts. I really like to keep my blog updated, it helps to keep a record of this time, so that one day I can print it off and keep it for memories.  As crafty as I like to be, I do not scrapbook, never could get the hang of it.  I like that I have this space to collect the thoughts, things, and prayers that pop into my life each day.  I also like to have this route of keeping our family in the loop with what is going on here.

These days we are wrapping up formal (lol is it ever formal) schooling, and spending a lot more time outdoors.  I am not so patiently awaiting the warmer temperatures, you know, the ones I’m sure I’ll be scoffing at come September.  We all work around here, helping to make sure that things run as they should.  Most usually they don’t, but with everyone pitching in, most things do. 

As I was hewing the garden a bit, something we won’t have to do next year *shouts for joy* Anna and Tanner were carrying rocks over to the other side of the chicken run.  We had a bunch of rain wash through the creek, and it made some gaps in the fence.  John is using the rocks to close up that gap, so Anna and Tanner had the fun task of making a lot of big splashes.

John and Andy have been working on another project, one that I am super excited about.  They are building a goat barn (or is it shed), and soon we will have dairy goats!  I cannot wait to have a source for raw milk, and of course we like our chickens so much, why not add goats.  

Yes, these days are busy, but oh so rewarding.  It feels nice to be exhausted from working with one’s hands, and having that feeling of productivity that only hard work can bring.  I workout regularly, but I must say, no workout compares to farm chores….especially when hauling around the extra chunk 🙂

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