New Things

 photo Annabanana7_zpsf0a738da.jpg

The finishing touches are being added to the childrens’ new playhouse. John has been working himself to death trying to get it finished in time for Summer fun. He used reclaimed wood from a sale he went to, and designed the whole thing himself. It looks pretty awesome, makes me wish I was a kid again. One of the things he included in this play area was a set of swings. We knew that Anna and Tanner didn’t know how to swing, but we thought they would absolutely love them, and perhaps would take turns swinging each other. As it turns out, one child will persuade the other child into pushing them for a very long time….and then just walk off. So not cool.

  Thus we instated the “no pushing anyone else on the swing” rule.

What happened?

They learned how to swing themselves!

Finally they like to play with something, because truth be told, they both cried when we tried to get them to play with the new playhouse (before swings were up). We were a little disheartened. Thankfully they are warming up to it though. I mean, it’s like having a playground in your backyard. The swings! I love them. They are my new incentive. It has proven difficult to find incentives for A & T, I was beginning to think that nothing other than the television or food would work. I’m not willing to use those two things, but I can use to swing as a reward, and it’s working to! Woot! I’m pretty happy to have found something to motivate the kidlets.

One thought on “New Things

  1. Anna is so pretty! Love this picture of her with her big smile and her hair flying in the wind…just so evocative.

    I remember first meeting her and Tanner at the playground near where you used to live – she was a cutie then, and is a beauty now!

    Now I want to see a photo of the playhouse, too!

    Susan, a little farther up the road…


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