Inner Beauty

I Peter 3:3-4

Knox Bible (KNOX)
3 Your beauty must lie, not in braided hair, not in gold trinkets, not in the dress you wear, 4 but in the hidden features of your hearts, in a possession you can never lose, that of a calm and tranquil spirit; to God’s eyes, beyond price.

I had a birthday yesterday.  In my world, I view birthdays each year as a new birth, almost in the same manner that others view New Years.  I like to make personal resolutions for the year, ways that I can grow, goals for being a better me.  After all, who doesn’t have room for improvement?

This year, I have some very deep goals.  It has been shared here before that I spent last year in some emotional turmoil.  That time has ended for me, and I am working at cultivating an inner peace.  A foundation within myself that trusts the Lord, and lets everything else lie without worry.

As I am getting older, I am beginning to see the physical signs that youth doesn’t last forever.  In our society there is a mad quest for appearing young forever.  That is not something I am remotely  interested in.  Oh sure, I want to be attractive for my husband, and I like to exercise and keep my energy stores up.  However, I have no interest in trying to stop the motions in which God has set in place.  What I want is to age in a manner that is beautiful to God.

When I think about my own grandmother, I think about the fact that she is one of the most beautiful women a person could meet.  Her and her sister, they both are in their seventies, and not what conventional standards judge as “gorgeous.”  They are beautiful though.  They have a radiance about them, it’s as if you know you could approach them with your sorrows, and they would give you a hug.  My grandmother is not usually a fiery sort of woman, she is quieter, not judgemental, very meek in spirit.  She is everything the Bible says God is looking for in a woman.  It isn’t the way she dresses, nor her hair, or her physical form, no it is in the radiance and calm way that she loves.

I want that.  In this upcoming year, I want to cultivate a spirit that remains calm and prayerful.  I want to be less opinionated, less concerned with my outer appearance, less worried about every single thing we do in the house and how it could possibly affect the future, and become more for God.  I want to work on that inner beauty, something I think everyone could benefit from doing a little more of.

So I am left with the work, thinking that the best place to start cultivating the spirit of meekness, is by meditating prayerfully in my Bible.  I think that by spending more time there, I will have less time to worry, less time to compare myself against the unattainable “beauty” that society has set, less time to feel negative emotions.  It’s going to be a good year.


2 thoughts on “Inner Beauty

  1. Happy Birthday, Kisha! I'm a little bit late with your birthday wishes. May your heart and mind be blessed with His peace and rest. Will pray trusting God to bless your year and your goals. May they bring Him honor and glory.


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