My Grace

 photo Grace27_zps7c35342f.jpg

When Andy was born, I had pages upon pages written in my daily journal about him. I was madly in love, and I wrote everything there was to write about him on those pages. When Anna and Tanner came home, I wrote about them, and now we have Grace. It has been over thirteen months since our precious baby has entered this world, and she has captivated us all with her unique personality. Yet, I haven’t written much about her. As I hope to one day hit the print button on the blog, and have a record for the kids, I will write it here. This baby er…um…toddler?!!! Oh she is amazing. God has truly blessed each of us in the house with the presence of this little firecracker.

Grace is most assuredly one of a kind when comparing babies (I mean toddlers…I’m still in denial), she has big smiles and a big temper. She laughs at herself all of the time, makes funny voices, and loves her brothers and sister. She really loves that Daddy of hers as well. She has been walking for a few months now, and recently began trying to run, never to be held back from an exploratory adventure.

There is so much life and spirit in that baby (ahem, toddler), so much love for the outdoors. She is rightfully named Grace Magnolia. For she will require a lot of grace from her Momma with that flared up temper, and she is my little flower loving outdoorsy girl. Whenever she is fussy, we just head outdoors, regardless of temperatures she is happy. She walks around picking dandelions, testing her boundaries, exploring the different textures of grass. So inquisitive, so wonderfully new to God’s blessed creations. It is a wonderful gift to be present for so much of her life, to be able to watch this little person experience the world for the first time, day in and day out. So many things that we may take for granted or look over without a second thought, she sees fresh and new, and loves it all. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect fit for our family.

  I should not have been so scared to imagine how life would work with a small baby, a fourth child. God truly sends His blessings with a plan, I should have worried less, and trusted in His plan more. Thankfully, I didn’t try to overrule God and make my own plans, for His gift of Grace has been one of life’s greatest blessings to me. Praise be to Him.

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