Overcoming Obstacles

 photo IMG_0867_zpsfc6d12de.jpg

This lady here overcame a major obstacle on Monday. We went to the zoo, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Anna who came home a couple of years ago, would not have enjoyed herself at all. She would have been miserable, heck even Anna last year wouldn’t have enjoyed herself. Why? The walking would have done her in. Last year I began to really feel the pushing to help Anna condition. I felt like if athletes condition, and people with weight issues condition (hello I know 100lbs gone here), then I wondered if maybe her muscles could be conditioned. The answer is a resounding yes. It must be noted that Anna has no heart issues, and her body is well formed, thus her only setback to this would be muscle tone. So all of the kids and myself made a game of racing across the front yard (our property spans some acreage), and thus had ourselves a good workout each day. We’ve been doing it for about a year, and I’m happy to say there has been much success. Not only does Anna go out and play with exuberance each day, whereas before she would stand miserably in the front yard looking so sad most of the time, but she triumphed at the zoo. The girl walked for FIVE hours without me nudging her along. She didn’t cry not once. In fact she skipped, yelled, and really enjoyed herself. It was amazing, and here I am days later so in awe of what happened. It is wonderful to see her not being held back just because she has Down syndrome. She was able to just go be a kid!

  My Boy

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Tanner had some problems on our trip. Even all of these years later he is still obsessed with other people eating, and at the zoo, people were eating everywhere. He also has self control and over stimulation issues that cause internal conflict inside him all day long. However, he was truly at peace with this little friend. I think he could have stayed in that pen all day. Usually he is over excitable around animals, but the goats really seemed to speak to him. That is very good to find out, especially since we will be getting goats very soon. Maybe they will be dual purpose goats as milk for us and therapy animals for Tanner.

   photo IMG_0832_zps92b12897.jpg

We had such a great trip visiting the zoo. We are blessed with good friends who went as well, and our kids are around the same age, so they had a wonderful time with each other. It was so nice seeing Anna really be free from something that has kept her down for a very long time. She is blossoming, I can’t believe she will be nine next month.

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