Get your garden on.

It is March, and unfortunately, this is happening.

 photo John3_zpsec5315a9.jpg

I absolutely adore snow….in DECEMBER. Well to be truthful, I have always loved snow at any time of year. That is, before I had children, four children to be exact. This year, we are all aching to be outside. To feel that warmth that only mid seventy degree temps can offer. My awesomely wonderful spouse has been out in the frigid temps working on a spring project that I will share later. While I have been trying to improve myself as a garden partner.  photo IMG_2676_zpscb495ceb.jpg You see, we bought this place with the intent of growing a wonderful garden each year. I would learn to can, and John would learn preserving as well, and we would store up a years worth of food. However, the first year we were here, we were unpacking and getting settled. John tried to break new ground, plant, and harvest late in the season. It didn’t go very well. Last year, he was overworked, and we had a tiny baby. I couldn’t help him keep up, I had no idea what to do with the tiny baby, and our garden was a ways back. Still no excuse. So, I decided to become a better gardener. I have a black thumb. It’s okay, I’m working on changing colors. Before this summer is over, I am determined to be green all over. Don’t worry, I have gloves (so the worms won’t touch me:)….so I guess my hands will not be green)

  I have been devouring garden books, and John moved the garden closer to the house. We are also going to try a modified version of Eden gardening. Details found here(garden the eden way).

The movie is free and AWESOME!

This year, we didn’t watch the movie in time to prepare, so we are doing a modified version, with intent to go all out next year. We need to stock pile some newspapers. Since we are doing a modified version, I had to start some seedlings already. The almanac (that’s right I read farmer’s almanac go me) said to start broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage (our faves), kale, and lettuce right now. So I did. I felt so accomplished and gardener-y.  I bought the supplies and started the seeds myself this year.  Usually the hubs is all over this, but like I said, I’m trying to do the majority since he is such a busy man, and needs my help.

  The boy is a garden junkie. He likes to plant his own little garden, and really has a great work ethic about it for a seven year old. So I supplied him with some seeds, an egg carton, and I shared my dirt (for which I’m sure there is a much better and more garden chic term, but around here we call it dirt). He’s been gardening longer than I, so I’m going to be sad when his garden is so much more awesome than mine 🙂  He said I could eat some of it though, that’s love right there.
   photo IMG_2692_zpsc0ee32b2.jpg

2 thoughts on “Get your garden on.

  1. may your thumb be as green as my aunt's. we often said she could make a broomstick grow. =) how neat that you have a little buddy interested in gardening. love that he is willing to share what he grows. yes, that is love.


  2. Thank you, I'm hoping it works this year. My husband is pretty awesome with growing things, he just lacks the time. So the kids and I will be gardeners this year 🙂


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