Small Hands

Those little hands can reach up and grab hold of even the most rugged heart. Small dimples make up little chubby fingers that reach out to explore the world. They are inquisitive small hands, that can latch on to you, and melt your being. She smiles, and the two lone teeth peek through, then those hands move forward, and the little turkey gives a yank to the hair 🙂

My baby girl, can you believe she is already almost 10 months old.  Out of all of the years of my life, none have gone by as swiftly as this one has.  It seems as if every day is passing by at sonic speed, barely allowing me time to catch a breath, to savour a moment.  For me, this brings an air of sadness, as I want to cherish and enjoy the years that my kids are young.  My baby now refuses to cuddle, is always on the move, and never has time for me except to nurse.  She is on the brink of toddler (yeah ask me how much I hate to even utter that). 

It doesn’t seem fair.  For I know in the blink of an eye, they will be grown.  They will no longer need me to do the daily tasks.  The tasks that mothers complain about.  The daily grind.  One day there will be no daily grind with littles.  A piece of me will be gone then. 

That is in the future though, and we live in the now.
So for now I will try to remember to slow down. To hug a little more. To write down more memories. To capture more smiles.

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