Do you want to chat about something?

I sat in the front seat of my car, driving the winding roads that would lead us to town, with Andy and Grace in the middle rows behind me.  It is that time of year, Andy and Mom date time.  Grace must come along, as I’m still her main source of nourishment, and she still refuses a bottle.  So we set off, the three of us, in search of good times to be had, in celebration of my little boy turning seven.

As we’re in the car, Andy is chattering on, and on, and on, as is usually the case for him.  He then stops, gets quiet, and asks me if I want to chat about something. His tone seemingly serious as if some great matter is weighing on his heart.  I ask him what he wants to chat about.

“Umm…well… we could talk about the chainsaw I’m going to create out of wood.”

He follows this up by a very detailed, and extremely carefully thought out explanation of his building plans.  What an odd thing to have on his mind, but he was so wrapped up in it, that he really wanted me to share in plans.  May I never tire of listening to my boy, and making him feel like he is important, and that his words are important as well.  I think to often it is easy to turn on the auto tune, especially when children chatter a lot, but I also think that auto tune would cause one to miss out of many precious words.

Words that make up a personality worth cherishing.

Happy Birthday to my sweet crazy boy! IMG_0272_zpse7b08376

One thought on “Do you want to chat about something?

  1. glad you had a special evening with your son and baby. a wooden chainsaw – he has a very creative mind. he's blessed to have a listening mama.

    you have such a sweet family. CHRISTmas blessings.


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