It’s Art….kind of

This summer Andy and I are going to be artists.  He and I have a fun little together learning project.  It’s something that only the two of us are doing, and after summer we’ll include Anna and Tanner.  I think it’s important to have individual time with the kids like when I play with Anna’s hair and do her nails, or have secret cuddle and story times with Tanner.

Anywho, our summer project, is to become pastel painters….chalk artists?…


I’m not certain about the terminology. This week we attempted to create sunflowers.


We are using these tutorials…hodgepodge

It really is quite fun, I always dreamed of being an artist, but unfortunately…it isn’t a natural gift…

Here’s what we did last week.

So we may need a leeeetle more practice.

2 thoughts on “It’s Art….kind of

  1. Oh your chalk pastels are wonderful. I can tell you are enjoying making a sunflower! And your chickadee is beautiful! I hope you will enjoy many more of Nana's tutorials. Thank you for sharing! ~ Tricia


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