My kids rock!

I think my last post came off entirely wrong.  My intent was to share some of the struggles a mom of kids with special needs can have.  There are reasons behind why we seem like staunch crabs sometimes.  I think my kids rock!  Last night John and I were talking about how we can’t imagine life without any of them, they are just meant to be ours.  We all have a purpose for sharing this life together.
I’m starting to see that purpose, and really enjoy how God has used my unique children to stretch and mold me.  Whatever society has to think or say about our family, and other families who have children with special needs, is the problem of those people.  It is not the kids.
The kids ROCK! Even my most challenging kid is awesome and dearly cherished by our family.  I still enjoy their personality greatly.  They have spirit, zest for life, and lots of energy 🙂 Kids are just that….kids, they are a kind to their own.  They are unique and need parented in a unique way sometimes, and that may not match what others have in their minds.  That’s okay.  Like I’ve said before, there isn’t a manual to use.  Boy wouldn’t that be awesome, a manual with all of the answers….I probably still wouldn’t use it.  I’m a rebel that way.

I also know that whatever the manual said wouldn’t apply to 85% of what we deal with daily 🙂


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