popular boy

I think we have figured out the key to a pleasurable childhood.

You just have to buy the kids a few 19 chickens. Pets with benefits! What could be better than a pet that also gives you food that is super nutritious.  Our hens are laying heavy right now even though they are molting.  They make me laugh, we have some Rhode Island Reds that think they are dogs.  One climbed up on the swing while I was nursing the baby the other day, I had to shew her away 🙂 She’s super social, we call her Henrietta.  I know, original right.  She climbed into Andy’s lap in this photo.  I give her credit, she never poops where she’s socializing.

That’s a nice quality in a hen you know.

Andy is just the popular boy with the birds.  He feeds them and pets them, and seems to think it is funny if they peck him.  Tanner isn’t aloud to touch them as he is in a very animal destructive mood these days, and Anna could really take them or leave them.  Grace is still consumed by all things milk involved 😉

Whether or not you want to play with them or not, the birds will persist though.

We tried our best not to hit them with the tball this week while out practicing.  They want to get under your feet, and they will chase the ball.  Hens are hilarious, they remind me of little old ladies with skinny legs that hike up their skirts to run across the yard yelling at someone with a rolling pin…..

What doesn’t everyone get that mental picture when watching hens?

Ahhhh good spring days around here 🙂

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