memory home decor laziness

In my home I have a wall with some decorative picture frames.  They are super cute, I found them on clearance at Hobby Lobby last year after we bought the house.  My intentions for these super cute picture frames, was obviously to put our family photos in them.

Those were my intentions.

What happened though?

I never put photos in them, and I’m going to admit that, I left in the strange people that are used for filler in a frame.

I really did.

For more than six months. I mean, it’s bad, people would come over and ask who those in the photographs are…..

However, there are no photo development places here, and well I just never got around to having them developed online and shipped to my house. Terrible I know. I figured out a solution though.

I asked Andy to draw our family. He’s been on a kick lately where he spends most of the day drawing cards with us all in them, and then giving them out around the house to whoever will take one. What am I to do with the mountain of art?

I framed it.

He did quite well, our family photo includes us all, not wearing any clothes. He is also the one holding the baby. He does feel that he’s not getting enough Grace time.


I figure this creates a lasting memory of his six year old art, plus it takes care of the fact that we’ve had strangers staring back at us from the picture frames for the last however long it’s been.

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