WSD Video Goodness!

Today is World Down syndrome Day, get it, 3-21-12. So in honor of that, I thought I would share some video to inspire. Around the world, it is thought that people with Down syndrome are invalids. They are thought of as useless, unable to achieve, and in some places treated worse than animals. In America, this fear must still be prevalent, considering the abortion rate for prenatally diagnosed Down syndrome is well over 90%.

Those people are all missing out.

I feel like I can say this with certainty, Down syndrome is seriously not that bad ya’ll. In our case we got a cross reference, we got a boy and a girl, both previously orphans, not biologically related, similar ages, and both have Down syndrome. Our kids are not scary. They are pretty awesome, and they are pretty intelligent. They are capable of eating meals without help, getting up, pushing in their chairs, taking their plates and cutlery to the counter. They undress and put their laundry in the correct baskets. When they are done playing with toys they put them back in the correct spots. They can bring me a diaper for the baby…..

OH yeah, that was the other thing. It is totally possible to have kids with Down syndrome, and still have other kids. In our case it is a newborn and a six year old boy. It is also very possible to homeschool them all, and to get good results. Sometimes it is frustrating, scary, almost all the time it is a lot of work, but then again, when is parenting not?

This video is AWESOME, if I do say so myself, and is of A&T showing what they have learned in the last three days. I started teaching them to count objects and identify numbers on Monday. You can see that they are different in what they each understand, but wow is this awesome. Also, I don’t have it on video, but Tanner can write his numbers on paper. Oh and then at the end is a video of Andy reading, because even though we have the not so scary kids with Down syndrome, I have been able to teach my kindergartner how to read 🙂 Plus he just wanted to be on video. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “WSD Video Goodness!

  1. Wow, I'm impressed! All three of your “big children” clearly take such joy in learning, and pride in their accomplishments – it just shines on their faces and in their demeanors.

    Good job, indeed! (for you as well as for A, A, and T)

    Susan up the road


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