The Blessing

Having my children sick with RSV is no picnic.  It broke my heart the first couple of days, not to be able to love them and care for them as a mother should.  However, there have been some blessings through this illness.
(newborn photography might work better if the newborn would sleep through it instead of wanting to be fed all of the time,lol)

*First and foremost is the fact that I’m forced to pretty much stay in our bedroom, hence requiring me to rest.  I’m not naturally one to rest or sit for any length of time.  I like to keep my house running and in my hands.  That would not be good for c-section recovery though.

*I have learned that should something ever happen to me, my husband is entirely capable of caring for our children.  In fact, I hope to one day be as good of a “mom” as he is 🙂

*I have learned that we are capable of so much more than we ever thought, and that nothing is worth being upset over at first notice.  Meaning, we do not have anyone around to help us, and yet we managed to do this.  Meaning, we could have carried defeatist attitudes, but instead met the challenge.  It’s a nice feeling to overcome challenging times.

*Grace and I have been able to bond extensively, and she has developed into quite the nursing champ.  By the time we descend from our bedroom, she will have a well established milk supply, and it won’t be as awkward to nurse when dealing with three more kids.

I hope we can carry the lessons from the last two weeks with us forever.  Whenever adversity stands to challenge us, we can choose to pray and move foreword. 

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