Sweet Memory


My husband has been preparing for birth right along with me.  He has taken the birth partner book, and read through with enthusiasm.  We are trying to set ourselves up with the most successful labor and delivery possible (by our preparation).  The last time, it was a nightmare, and we were very unprepared. 

I so love that he is very into this, especially being a father of soon to be four kids. 

One of the things he read in the book, was to read the same story to the baby in utero, and it would help calm the baby later on when fussy.  So he’s been reading Green Eggs and Ham to my belly every few days.  It is incredibly sweet.

It is also incredibly odd to Anna and Tanner, who do not understand why Daddy (who thinks he’s being funny) shows the book pictures to Mommy’s belly, and keeps talking to it. 

The whole thing is really comical, but so very sweet. 

2 thoughts on “Sweet Memory

  1. I love that he's showing the pictures to your belly! My dad talked to my brother a lot when he was in utero and when he was born he cried, and my mom heard my dad's deep voice say something to him, and he stopped! So sweet!


  2. Great idea! Reciting or singing Mother Goose rhymes also works, as does playing soft classical music. Try “Brahms' Lullaby”, then play it once Miss Baby makes her appearance – it should gently lull her to sleep with its by-then familiar melody. Or sing it to her – “lullaby…and good night…etc”.

    I hope Miss Baby arrives quickly, soon, and uneventfully. Can't wait to see her pictures!

    Susan up the road
    Cousin to 2 from EE


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